The Emotional Skills Assessment Process - Corporate
About the ESAP-C

The corporate version of the ESAP, the ESAP-C©, is a esap-cpinnacle product resulting from extensive doctoral research and large scale application studies. Based on an educational approach used in schools and universities to teach and learn emotional intelligence (EI), the ESAP-C© utilizes 77 self-report items to provide specific measures of emotional skills that contribute strongly to a more accurate knowledge and value of self, a higher quality and a better variety of relationships, improved work results especially when working with others, and improved stress management related to the demands and pressures of everyday work and life.

The four dimensions of emotional intelligence 4 Quadrant Modeldescribed by Daniel Goleman (1995) in his seminal work (see figure to left) are strengthened through our Emotional Learning System (ELS)© and positive assessment process. Together, the ESAP-C© and ELS© provide person-centered exploration and a systematic process for learning and enhancing the intra-personal emotional skills related to Self-Awareness and Self-Management, as well as the interpersonal emotional skills related to Social Awareness and Relationship Management. The emotional intelligence competencies of Interpersonal Communication Under Stress, Personal Leadership, Intra-personal Knowledge, and Self-Management in Life and Career (Motivation) are explored using the ESAP-C©. When approached in an honest and self-valued way, your ESAP-C© assessment and 19 page profile report provide a beginning process for developing higher levels of achievement and ongoing self-renewal.